Monday 29 January 2024

Why JVP was passive on the Online Safety Bill?

As I evaluate, the SL Government brought the social media regulatory bill at the wrong time for them. It’s clear that the intention of the bill is to silence the critics of the government. However, who will be the beneficiaries of this bill?

Oppositions need no false accusations or fake news to bring down this government and its allies. It is a government that brought the country to bankruptcy exposing the public to utter hardships. The majority had to suffer in many miles-long queues just to buy a few litres of fuel, a cylinder of LPG, a packet of powdered milk, and many other essentials, due to its corruption, idiocracy, wastage, and inefficiency. Finally, in November 2023, the Supreme Court, the apex legal institute of the country, ruled that the three Rajapakshas; Gotabhaya, Mahinda and Basil, were responsible for the downfall of the country (SC/FRA/212/2022). Thus, it is legally proven that these culprits and their party destroyed, once a quite stable economy. In such a situation it is hardly required for anyone to make fake news to destroy the image of already ruined personalities and a party. 

On the other hand, the emerging force JVP is the worst affected due to such allegations and accusations at present (true or false is not known yet). They are being attacked from all corners including the fractions of the opposition. The bill will get them some protection and blanket cover. 

They should have vehemently opposed this bill rather than thinking of their own benefits. 

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