Friday 9 January 2015

The Lucky Loser

The Lucky Loser

I can still remember the headline in The Telegraph on Tuesday the 9th February, 2010.


"General Sarath Fonseka, the former Sri Lankan military chief and defeated presidential candidate, has been punched and dragged along the ground by army troops who arrested him as he met political allies last night". 


After five years, we hear that the one who was at the controlling end on that day is at the receiving end today; however the controlling end this time is so generous that the defeated ruler at the receiving end could gracefully walk out of his residence.


As I see many posts on the FB that admire the decision of the ex-president to step down willingly and leave the official residence, I think that it is unfair for the winning side of not being appreciated for its generosity. Especially, after the former regime has gone down to the dirtiest levels in gaining advantages in the election. 


There is no question that MR should be given the Hero's farewell for his contribution towards war.... 


But imagine what if MR has won instead of MS in this election.....? 


As I mentioned earlier, we all have seen what he has done to his opponent after he won in 2010. I am sure that he feels very lucky this time.... to have such gentleman-like winners (at least until now).



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