Saturday 21 June 2014

What is Happening in Myanmar

About the unfortunate situation in Myanmar..!!!! Very few understand the realty in Myanmar. I have talked to many Burmese and dug deep into this issue.

Without presenting deep factual analysis, let me say in one sentence that...."Muslim-Buddhist clashes in Myanmar is a result of well scripted operation executed by the invisible-hand dominated military junta in Myanmar". 

If you check what the military junta in Myanmar has done to their people, you may call the Buddhist-Muslim clashes as kid's stuff. The country's real picture is well camouflaged from the world by both western media and few western super powers. They let only selected news to go viral in audio-visual, printed and electronic media. 

The cruelty of the military junta on both Buddhist and Muslim communities were well visible for the last 3-4 decades. They started getting immense pressure from international community to stop violence against non-christian communities and also faced unavoidable criminal trials in the event that there is a change of ruling powers. The expert advice from the West (who are seemingly opposing the military junta on the surface) was to turn the international focus to a different direction. .....And the best option was to start a Buddhist-Muslim clash.

........ And the Buddhists, specifically in Myanmar, and Muslims in neighboring Bangladesh fallen into this trap...stupid enough.

Just look at the recent history....... who gives the biggest publicity to Monk Ashin Wirathu..? 

And in Sri Lanka.............................

For Sri Lankan Buddhists.... Read the following when you have time

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