Sunday 12 January 2014

Stand Against the Stupidity

It is Now or Never

I vaguely remember the following comment (may not be in exact words) posted on an article that I have published in my blog or FB.

"There is no end to this menace of BBS, Ravana Balakaya etc. They now attack Muslims. If there are no Muslims then they will attack Catholics, Christians, Hindus or Mahayana Buddhists. They make some reasons or the others to achieve their nasty motives".  

Then I though to myself..... Such maniacs will not stop their list at Mahayana Buddhists... they will even come for the Theravadha Buddhists, if the Buddhists do not practice the Buddhism that these morons define...

My thoughts came to reality within few days; they invaded a gynecology clinic and chased away the ladies who were waiting for birth control operations; 100% Sinhala, Theravada Buddhist ladies, as the report states.

They attacked mosques, they burnt churches, they damaged Muslim shops, they harassed and harmed people who were praying.....  

Unfortunately, these monks (I don't know the word to be used to refer them) did all these criminal acts, in broad daylight while police was quietly witnessing the entire episode.....

What does this mean....!!!!

Even a nine year old kid in Sri Lanka knows that the Police will behave as deaf, dumb and blind, mentally retards when their necks are gripped with political wrenches. 

Whenever, there is a price hike, election, international pressure etc., there comes the flames of anti-Halal, anti-Muslim, anti-Catholic etc. etc. sentiments......

What right these saffron clad thugs have, to judge what people should believe, what people should practice and what people should preach...?   

Are they some sort of religious police that can be seen in some countries....? Such concepts are light-years away from Buddhist philosophy. 

If the Buddhists convert into other religions, it is a problem of the Buddhist leaders. The anti-Buddhist paths that some of them adopt at present, trigger more people to leave this beautiful religion. 

My first intention was to write this in Sinhalese. Then I thought that the world should know that a majority of Buddhists in this country are not in line with these handful of thugs who call them themselves "Buddhist Monks". 

My biggest worry is the harm that these idiots do to the young generation of the country....

Just a vague translation of a paragraph from my article "To Protect Buddhism in Sri Lanka"

"The youths that walked into the temple with a basket of white flowers, just a decade ago, under the guidance of venerated prelates such as Soma Thero, now run behind thug monks, with clubs and daggers in hand. The voices that echoed "may triple gem bless you", "be healthy", "long life" etc. now heard in the form "kill", "cut", "attack" etc."

Let's protect our young generation, the country and the people. Stand against the attacks on minor communities in the country. 

It is Now or Never

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