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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Origin of Ravana

King Ravana......!!!!!!

Are there any sources in Sri Lanka...... Ola leaf writing, rock carving, painting etc. etc. ......that mention about a King Ravana?

Has anyone in Sri Lanka stated about Ravana before Valmiki in India wrote Ramayanaya?



  1. yes dude, there are lot of places with reference to Ravana, there are some stone tablets, in which the Ravanas name mentioned, but not as ravana, it's how we pronounce today. Ra means for jayarathna pathiraarachchi's books..

  2. Yes. see the Rangirimada inscription "Maharaja Ravana Putha Parumuka Ikdhu Putha Parumaka Agiya Lene"

    "Parumaka Ravana Kdhiti Shobili Lene Shagasha"


  3. yes what is Ayurvedha What is Angampora what is thanda
    See search