Saturday 18 August 2012

Our Education-3: Where did it go wrong?



It went wrong from the right beginning. From the day that Britishers changed the system. 

However, we felt that something is wrong only in the 70s..

The Britishers wanted the cream of locals to serve them... So that they introduced the examination system..... As long as the cream becomes their servants..... the rest could go to hell...

And the hell started filling up gradually...

Then came the free of charge education in the 50s. 

An act of noble thinking, but .... 

The endless master-slave loop was opened to the mass public. Old masters were already gone and new masters couldn't handle the play.

The cream of citizens wanted to become servants, but the house was full of servants.

Thus, even some creme de chicken were pushed into hell. 

But the hell too was already full with those who filtered by the funnels of examinations.  

At least at the time of implementing the so-called "free of charge education", we could have thought about the purpose of this education.  

What is this education for?

Unfortunately, there were no leaders at that time with such a vision.

Since then we manufactured thousands who lined up to become servants; government servants or at least servants of some rich people whom we call the private sector. 

Our educated outputs are trained psychologically to become servants. The process goes on until today, maybe tomorrow and day after.

When the country had an overwhelming number of servants and a few masters, the situation exploded, resulting in civil unrest in 71 and 88/89.

Scores were killed and thousands were rehabilitated, but have we given a single thought on roots of cause? 

Can a country full of people with servant mentality be developed?

No one thought !

As the economy started moving towards gorges and canyons, everything became unexpectedly worse. 

Today we are in a vicious cycle of which cycle speed becomes faster and faster.

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