Sunday 8 October 2023

There are No Natural Disasters

After seeing a post by Sanjaya Elvitigala on the responsibilities of NSF I thought of writing this short note. 

For the last 12 years even after leaving Sri Lanka for good, I wrote several articles in both languages, on the serious risk of natural extreme events in Sri Lanka. If anyone is interested I can give the links to my blog articles (I lost track of newspaper articles). Even last month returning from Sri Lanka after a 3-week visit, I tweeted on FB that there is a danger that climate disaster will soon overtake political catastrophe in Sri Lanka. Several asked whether it is about the prolonged drought but I said that the issue is much graver than that. 

Despite being a person not involved with disaster management, I could sense the approaching nature's wrath. Then why couldn’t the responsible people of the country take reasonable action?

As I always say there is nothing called “natural disasters”. There are “natural extreme events” and “human disasters”. We can’t stop nature but minimize human catastrophe if we are wise and smart.  

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