Wednesday 1 April 2020

Modern Civilization - The Bubble

Until as recent as the mid-twentieth century, there were incidents of white Americans hunting the native Indians in the US. From the time that Christopher Columbus stepped on the continent until the occurrence of the Wounded Knee Massacre in the late 19th century, about 12 million native Indians were wiped out by the white invaders from Europe. 

The so-called state-sponsored genocide policies in North America, unleashed on indigenous people, had many facets such as mass slaughtering of tribal villages, biological warfare, forced removal from homelands, incarceration, indoctrination of non-indigenous values, forced surgical sterilization of native women, prevention of religious practices, and the list continues. The cruelty extends to burning people in open stoves and smashing babies on rocks to feed the dogs with their flesh. 

In the guise of helping tribal people, the British dominant American white military purposefully gave them blankets contaminated with smallpox. This cold-blooded murder took the lives of over 100,000 indigenous people in the Mingo, Delaware, Shawnee and other Ohio River nations. The United States government forces followed suit and used similar genocide techniques on the Plains tribes to achieve the same volumes of deaths.

It is merely 75 years since European Hitler’s Gestapo massacred over 17 million people during the Holocaust, and American war machine bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing over 100,000 people instantly. The same Americans are responsible for killing a couple of million people in Vietnam during the two-decade war which ended in 1975. All these cases took the majority of the lives of innocent people rather than the combatants’.

The adverse effects of bombs dropped in Japan, at a very unnecessary stage of WWII, could be seen even many decades later. The spraying of over 70 million litres of deadly chemical agents on the jungles in Vietnam by American warplanes to destroy the vegetation where Vietcong guerrillas took shelter to have gruesome effects on scores of poor Vietnamese living in the area even today. These landscapes have fruitless and mutated trees, highly toxic groundwater and unliveable environment for the animals. It’s just 35 years since. 

In the 20th and 21st centuries, long after the British stopped invading other people’s lands, the US and former Soviet Union (later Russia) kept on poking into the polities of the other countries, killing and injuring millions of innocent people and destroying cities and villages, and even wiping out entire settlements. The list goes as Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Grenada, Lebanon, Libya and the countries beyond the iron curtain.

The above examples clearly show that the so-called “Modern Civilization”, its decency and democracy, is not even a newborn baby compared to human history. It's a fetus in the womb. No one knows whether it will be delivered as a healthy baby, a stillborn or is aborted even before it comes out. In other words, it is simply fragile glassware, balanced on a knife-edge that can be broken into pieces by one slight air blow. Even in the last few years, we have seen many events of the uprising of racist movements among the white Europeans, open racial hatred from even the civil public and visible traces of strong racism in the speeches of the so-called “World Leaders”.          

In summary, we are living inside a soap bubble termed civilization, having a false feeling of security. The COVID 19 could easily burst this bubble turning the entire “civilization” into a raging inferno. The fear of the loss of leadership at the helm and the fear among the rich masses of sharing limited resources with the poor may turn the leaders and the rich into beasts overnight. The leadership may take racially and ethnically biased political decisions that order the distribution of resources and facilities based on nationality, race, skin colour, originality etc. Then the chaos may turn the whole society upside down, resulting in the random killing, robbing, looting, rioting etc. among the public. 

The way that the world was racing forward for the last couple of decades, the above situation seemed imminent. COVID 19 simply accelerated the process. 

In my own native language, Sinhalese, there is a term “Murugasan Warshawa”, the Rain of Beast Signs. As the end of the human race approaches, the people will encounter acute hunger and fear. Then the Rain of Beast Sign begins pouring. The people who are caught up in this rain see the other people as beasts, so that they will be tempted to kill one another in fear of attack and to alleviate hunger.

Let's prepare ourselves to be protected from the Murugasan Warshawa.