Tuesday 17 August 2021

What happens when you enter a religious model?

Once upon a time, there was a rich farmer who lived in a somewhat isolated landscape. He was in fear and mental stress that one day robbers will break into his house to kill him and his family to rob his wealth. 

There was a large banyan tree at the corner of his garden. The farmer had a strong belief that some form of divinity lives in this tree. So, that every day just before the sunrise he used to light up an oil lamp at the base of the tree and prayed to the divinity to protect him from robbers.

There was actually a demigod that has made this tree his residence. The demigod was highly impressed by the devotion of the farmer and decided to help him. One day after the prayers of the farmer, the demigod appeared in front of him and gave the stunned farmer a golden sword, saying “if any robbers enter your house, attack them with this sword. They will be killed instantly. No one can harm you as far as the sword is in your hand”.  Then the demigod disappeared.

The farmer ran home ecstatically with the invaluable gift that he received. The golden sword was glittering in the morning sunlight. He felt very proud that now he is the owner of such a valuable sword. Then suddenly his mental stress was multiplied by many folds. What if the robbers get to know about this sword and come to grab it?

The farmer opened one of his large wooden trunks and placed the sword at the bottom. Then he filled the truck with paddy so that no one will suspect that something valuable is there. He sealed the trunk with a large padlock and kept the key all day with him. At night he used to sleep on the trunk top, from that day onwards.  


  1. How are you and your loved ones? I didn’t come to read your blog for long time as I thought you aren’t still well enough to write. As continues reader I am very happy to see you through your blogs. See you soon.

  2. //..his metal stress was multiplied by many folds.//

    I actually thought for a moment that the typo was an intentional pun.
    I had to re-read it.
    Then again, was it intentional? The stress induced by the possession of a metal object?

    1. Thanks for figuring out. It was a typo; a rather confusing typo