Saturday 14 August 2021

Why some people are scared when I say that every religion is a model?

What is a model? A model is a concept that we develop to realize what we have not realized. Once the concept is realized it becomes a fact. In the spiritual world, a model could only be self-realized to covert it into a fact.

What is self-realization of a religion?

If you follow an Abrahamian religion, any form of self-communication with God (physically or non-physically) is self-realization. In many India-based religions, this self-realization is termed “enlightenment” in the English Language. In native languages, the same is termed Nirvana (Buddhism) Moksha or Vimukti (Hindu) and Kevalajnana (Jainism). They may have differences in the intended meaning.

If a Hindu attains Moksha, the model he follows becomes a fact for him/her. However, still, it is a model for other Hindus. It is the same with any other religion.

If you know that you are following a model, it would be quite convenient for you to self-realize the model, thus either you reject it or turn it into a fact. On the other hand, if you get into the model (become a part of the model), then instead of self-realizing, you start defending the model and opposing other models. Whenever someone questions your model you get hurt and aggressive. This is simply because of your feeling of being threatened, as in your mind you have become a part of the model.

For those who know the life story of Siddhartha Gautama, you can easily understand that he has followed many models before he developed his own model which he turned into a fact (for himself), after self-realization (as he said). A close analysis shows that he has put each model into practice without being a part of the model. Thus, he could comfortably reject them when he self-realized that they could not deliver the outcome that he has expected from those models.

Imagine, what could have been the result, if Siddhartha Gautama entered into one of those models !!!

He would have ended up as a follower of Makkhali Gosala, Uddaka Rāmaputta or Sañjaya Belatthiputta etc., spending the rest of his life defending that model.


  1. Chandima, you imply that God exists, so you build a model to suit perception and thus a religion is born. I may have misunderstood you please clarify. Thank you

    1. What I wrote is that every religion is a model for a given individual unless he/she self-realizes it. If one follows an Abrahamian religion, one such way (or the only way) to self realize the model (so that it becomes a fact for him/her) is to have some form of self-communication with the God (or whatever the divinity you developed in the model). If you do so (without mixing up self-realization and self-illusion) then your religion becomes a fact for you (no longer a model). But for the others it is still a model.

    2. Thank you for prompt reply Chandima,
      "is to have some form of self-communication with the God (or whatever the divinity you developed in the model)."

      further confirm and amplify existence "GOD" or divinity and one has to depend and be subject of that.

      my opinion is that we should not limit our imaginations to a model: almost all of us are followers of a model because we were born to that Model and nationality.. lets escape.. lets there be no boundaries, no passports, Visas etc.. of course that be done gradually, through common understanding, compassion , in which we partake in natural evolution.

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