Saturday 18 August 2012

Our Education-4: Where are we today?



Now we are coming to the most critical part of this discussion. The current situation; which is much worse than the apparently complicated SB-Bandula saga and union action of dons.

Z-score problem may be solved in the next few weeks, by hook or by crook. Dons will report to work when they feel that their home front is too noisy to bear with. 

Let me start from one burning issue in the country. The garbage problem. 

For years, millions of Sri Lankans have been suffering from the problem of disposing of garbage. There were many articles, many commissions, many ideas, many projects. But the problem is still there. For some periods the problem is suppressed either due to the surfacing of other more critical issues in the country or due to the shifting of garbage dump from one place to another.

Are there any viable long term solutions to this problem from our learned circles? Is there a mechanism in the country to acquire expertise from our knowledge base?

Is our education aimed at addressing the issues of our own surrounding?

Or are we producing 90% servants who want to be commanded to execute pre-determined tasks? and the rest 10% who can think new, head towards the west 'cause there are no mechanisms to utilize their knowledge in the country !

Now, those who take the sword against our graduates who went to the USA and never returned. Hold your strike for a minute and check this...... 

Go to the website of the Physics Department, University of Colombo and check the research record of those many academics that have obtained their PhDs from the USA and returned. Count the number of ISI journal papers that they have published or patents and commercialized products that they have registered. Check their H-index at

Pathetic isn't?

Now check the same with those who got their first degrees from the same department, went to USA for PhD and never returned. 

A countless number of papers and H-index of over 20s. Isn't it great? Now whom are you proud of as a fellow Sri Lankans?

Don't you see that something is wrong somewhere?

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