Friday 24 August 2012

Urgent.... Z-Score Hell

Urgent Appeal to the Government

Z-score issue has left 6500 students stranded with frustration.
The whole nation including the cabinet, parliament, supreme courts and academia debates over the issue.

However, the sole focus of such cross-communication is to find who is the culprit.

The responsibility has been passing from one hand to the other.....
Finally it seems that no one is accountable for the mishap......

Someone, at some stage should think about a solution
Otherwise the whole nation will become responsible for 
an unforgivable sin

It is not a joke that...
the future of 6500 hard fought students is at stake

The only viable solution comes to my mind is 
the government to sponsor the affected students 
to do their first degree at a foreign university
in respective subject areas 
that they have been originally selected

To make this endeavor not leading to a new problem,
I propose giving the chance on merit to all the students
to select whether they would like 
to opt for local or foreign university
so that at the end all eligible students 
will get a chance to do their studies somewhere

If Rs. 3 million is spent on each student, on average,
the exercise will cost the nation Rs 19.5 billion

Big money hah!!!

This amount is exactly the same as the LOSS of running 
the national career, Sri Lankan Airlines, for the last few years

Forget about the loss of 13 billion 
for maintaining Mihin Lanka from 2007-2011
Forget about many many billions of losses due to
 IIFA, Commonwealth bid, Hedging and 
numerous other failed mega projects 

At least the proposed investment will bring 
new dimensions of knowledge to the country... 
for a new beginning......
Keep everything a side....
isn't it an issue on the future of the Children of Nation?

If anyone has a better solution...
please propose and bring it to the media 

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