Saturday 18 August 2012

Our Education-1: Good Education and Bad Economy



For the last few weeks, several of my former students and colleagues asked me to write about my views on the present predicament of the education system in Sri Lanka.

I was quite reluctant to write on this topic as it is inherently tagged with another topic that I always try my best to avoid ....POLITICS!!!!!

However, I thought that it is now or never....So here I am on the move

Education and Economy

Education and Economy are two inseparable entities. A country can vaguely be divided into four categories based on these two factors.


A country with Good Education and Good Economy is blessed.. whatever some people of our country say; in Europe, Australia and US/Canada, people live happily... People from other parts of the world try to creep into these regions...not vice versa... 

The Power of Good E-twins.


A country with Bad Education and Bad Economy is second only to burning hell. To name a few; Rwanda, Somalia, Ethiopia.... Ruthless dictators, general public that love guns more than bread....and human life... not worth a dime.

(Seven years after publishing this article, today, 2019, Rwanda is fast reaching the track towards Category-1)


A country with Bad Education and Good Economy is in a transient state. Singapore and Hong Kong in 70s, Malaysia in 80s and most of the Middle Eastern Countries and Saudi Arabia at present. By pumping money to upgrade their own education system and attracting foreign brains, they make their way forward towards Category-1


A country with Good Education and Bad Economy is a dilemma... most often in the full throttle on reverse gear. Smarter minds leave the country looking for greener pastures. Sooner or latter such country will end up in Category-2 unless a master brain comes to the rescue. Unfortunately, our own Sri Lanka is a sparkling example of Category-4 that will soon get into Category-2.

However, I leave with one question with open end. 

"How good is the good education in Sri Lanka".


  1. A question: China and India in which category?

    1. Good question....One problem of fitting the two countries into a well defined formula is their sizes.

      For an example Kerala scenario and Bihar scenario are totally different.

      However in general they are a mix of category 3 & 4.

      For the last 10 years, as I see, both countries are shading their "BAD" parts at a rate and moving towards category-1...Anyway they take many more decades to reach their ultimatum due to the extra-large population.

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