Thursday 25 April 2024

Hamas, Another Name for Stupidity

In warfare, if there is another name for stupidity, that could be Hamas. 

For thousands of years, societies were often governed by a "survival of the fittest" mentality. Whether it was through the rule of an emperor, king, religious leader, barbarian leader, or tribal lord, the system was not too dissimilar from the natural laws of nature. Essentially, the idea was that the weaker members of society were often sacrificed for the greater good of the stronger and more capable individuals. 

Many people believe that the laws of the jungle have drastically changed over the past 70-80 years. The reality is far beyond this delusion. "Human rights" is a term that superpowers continuously redefine for their own benefit.

Hamas did not have the least idea about this global reality. They attacked the civilian function in Israel, totally underestimating the firepower and brutality of Israel and her allies. Their stupidity paved the way to the cold-blooded slaughtering of thousands of civilians; infants, kids, pregnant ladies, elderlies, and differently-abled people etc. 

During the 5th century when Attila, the King of the Huns, was conquering Southern and Middle Europe, he was known for killing and burning those who opposed his march. At that time, wise tribal leaders in Anatolia had a famous quote.

"If you cannot protect your people, it's better to submit as slaves to your conqueror than to be completely destroyed. Perhaps after several generations, your great-grandchildren will be able to conquer those who once conquered their ancestors."

After nine centuries, the descendants of Attila's slaves established the Ottoman Empire, one of the strongest empires in the world. 

The reality is that the mindset of global powerhouses in the 21st century is still barbaric, much like Attila the Hun.

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