Tuesday 10 July 2012

From Angel to Devil

They should never have entered the dirty politics.........!!!!!!!

Mohan Lal Grero; is the best Physics Teacher that I have come across in my life 
Sarath Fonseka; may be the best Army Commander that Sri Lanka ever had
Sanath Jayasuriya; may be the best opening batsman that the world has ever seen

They achieved the best in their respective fields and became legends.....
But unfortunately they selected the worst ever path that they can take 
in their post-career period.........................POLITICS in SRI LANKA

They never understood their value among the public
They were well above the cheap political figures

But....unfortunately, they selected the wrong path
and fallen from Hero to Zero....

A word for our clergy who run after parliamentary seats....
You are no difference...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Some one should at least try to make a difference. Still "Mohan Lal Grero" has manage to keep his name clean.

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  3. I think the problem is not in politics but in our constitution..The state power has concentrated in one man's hand..Therefore automatically the people who enter to politics tend to act hand in glove with the person who has power..Otherwise he has to suffer or has to corrupt..Even Montesquieu, the philosopher who advocated to separate state power into three main branches has asserted that they must always be held in check and they must govern independently..I do not agree with this statement..My question is,is entering to politics a crime?

    1. It is not a crime, it is simply a waste...

      In a bigger picture, they have achieved great heights in their respective spheres. They were well above politicians...

      Let me give the same example which I posted in FB. "When you pour a glass of pure milk into a pond of dirty water. Milk become staled rather than pond getting purified. We simply waste good milk..."

      These people could have done much better service to the country, if they did not try to put their feet in unknown territories.

  4. I would put it the other way. Even though these people couldn't bring any notable changes so far, their presence is still beneficial to the country in a way. That is, when these people enter the parliament, at least that many number of seats are saved from being occupied by much corrupted people (otherwise occupy).