Monday 29 December 2014

The Gravest Mistake

The Gravest Mistake

I have seen politicians make errors during the election campaigns. In the last presidential election, SF declined exponentially after his "Kalawadda" outburst. 

However, it was never like this before.... Inviting Salman Khan for the election campaign of MR. 

Experienced campaigners such as Nimal Siripala, Dalas Alahapperma or even Basil Rajapaksha could never have even thought of such stupidity. However, the organizing powers, now in the hands of inexperienced and unintelligent youths like Namal Rajapaksha, such grave mistakes are inevitable.

There are many serious drawbacks of getting someone like Salman Khan for the election campaign, which may trigger a massive erosion not only in the educated urban vote base but also in the rural die-hard support base as well. 

Sensing blood, the opposition camp has already started posting many heart-touching banners in FB, which will be converted into posters and stage climaxes by tomorrow.

* At the first place, No Indian should have been up on a political stage in Sri Lanka irrespective of his/her celluloid popularity. The anti-Indian sentiment among the Sri Lankans is much stronger than their love for the movie scenes.

* As the country is severely hit by floods, inviting sexy film stars for show-off makes a mockery out of the plight of the affected people.

* Everyone knows that these Bollywood Stars charge in millions or billions of Rupees for campaigns and shows. Thus, it is proven beyond doubts now that MR and the family has robbed the public money. 

* Opposition can convincingly tell the public that MR is wasting money that could have been used to give relief to the affected people in the flooded areas.

* Salman Khan is a notorious person in India with two murders and several other criminal offences which include killing of deer in a sanctuary, tagged on his neck. 

* Salman Khan has no reason for promoting MR or Sri Lanka other than simply gaining "MONEY".

* At the same time that these Indian actors stepped into the country, a group of local artists who were performing a street drama in support of the opposition has been assaulted.

* So far MR regime has successfully used "throw the bomb and let them defend" technique at every election. Once "Batalanda" was thrown at Ranil's campaign, the total UNP energy was wasted on clearing themselves. Recently the Ranil-MS agreement was thrown, keeping the common candidate on defence.  Now MR's silly sons have pocketed their own bomb, so that for the next 10 days they will be busy clearing-off themselves.


  1. Weird behavior of the government makes me wonder
    Nobody thinks such stupid games as professional politicians work.
    Checking the allegations made against the government it appears all were derived from a downturn occurred since 2010
    Your observation is correct.

  2. Salman Khan is the 10th Richest actor in the world ( Stating that he came for money is an insult to the actor himself.

    One wise man said, you should not know about things you don't know. If you don't have any proof about Money being exchange, stop publishing an idiotic hypothesis.

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    2. Whoever you are;

      Being very rich does not mean that the person doesn't love money. If it is so, why does MR and the clans rob so much money from people every minute, even after piling up billions? If you spare just two minutes to google, you can easily find how much money that Salman Khan charge per appearance. These people have earned (and earning) money out of that. I don't think that you don't know it.

      It was not the opposition, but MR's own Ministers who boasted that Salman Khan and 5 other Bollywood starts are coming to support MR campaign. Even on the day that Salman arrived there were statements in this regard in state media. So what do you talk here..?

      If Salman Khan came to make a donation why couldn't the MR sons let him do that and go back, rather than showing off the couple on a stage and shouting "Sharuk Khan ta Jaya Wewa". ... idiotic enough... isn't it Pal?

      Go to the polling station and vote for MY3 today to change this hypocritical Dictator and his family. If you do that you help not only the people but Mahinda and his family as well. Otherwise one day there will be some one who will be much more ruthless than MY3 who will oust him.