Tuesday 2 October 2012

Cheerleaders in Cricket


On a hot day in Sri Lanka, if you put few cats on a  takaran (tin) roof what do you expect? (For God's sake don't do that, I hate animal cruelty)

This is exactly how the performance of Sri Lankan cheerleaders for T20 WC was described by Indian media. 

This is no fault at all of the poor kids who try their best to make a good performance during the matches. It is something to do with the stinginess and lack of proper vision of ICC, as we hear now. 

American originated concept of Cheerleaders is totally mis-employed in Cricket from the right beginning, as I see. 

At the first place, cheerleaders are for boosting the spirit of a team and it's supporters in a tough contest. Crowed pulling, image building of a country, etc. are side benefits of employing cheer leaders in an international event. 

Here in Cricket, they dance and cheer when your hero hits a ball over the ropes; .............wonderful........... 

In the next over he is bowled and those girls are up on their feet again.  

Isn't it ridiculous .........................? 

It doesn't matter whether they are in skimpy bikinis or in colourful Malaysian hijab. If they dance lively at the right time and cheer for a focused cause, it will serve the purpose.  

Thus, let each team decide what type of cheerleaders they want in the ground, and let them cheer for boosting only the spirit of that team, not alternatively both teams. 

If your cheerleaders want to perform when your team is down as well, let them sing “Don’t worry…. Be Happy”. 

Isn't that meaningful........................?

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