Wednesday 20 June 2012

Nothing can be worse

The worst thing in a democratic country !

When the neighbour cheats you; you seek the Protection of Law
When the police harass you; you seek the Protection of Law
When the politicos ruin you; you seek the Protection of Low
And when the Law is taken to jungle……….?

Unlike natural sciences where every law is governed by nature
“Law” is only a set of rules set forth by people
Thus once people lose their Faith on Law
Entire law and order collapses
That’s why sociologists say that
The worst thing that can happen in a democratic country is
The loss of trust of public on law

When one judgement goes wrong in the eyes of public: that’s human nature
When two judgements go wrong: everyone does mistakes
When three judgements go wrong: something is wrong
When 1000 judgements go wrong: time to take Law into hand!!

Soon all will understand that
Thirty years of War is better than one year of corrupted Law
If you doubt my words, ask a friend from Pakistan !!!!

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