Sunday 20 May 2012

The Trophy of War

(This is not a poem)

The End of War is a Victory

'cause it is the end of the process
which created fears and tears 
 widows and orphans
day and night 
on both sides

Those who survived know
that death is a blessing in a war
for those who lived every second
with the "fear of death", so cold

The End of War
 is the Trophy of War


War leaves behind its marks
hatred, wounds and scars 
all over the heart
as an engraved art 

Wounded hearts are slow in healing
They may never heal again

Please don't stab those healing hearts 
They are on both sides

A plea for those who celebrate the victory of the war 
with guns, tanks and grenade-smiles


  1. Nicely written while some people fighting against war crimes when the war itself is crime...